Something became apparent perhaps “it” had always been coming, waiting to come, destined to come. The force of it, coming, coming into consciousness, awareness, into thought, into feeling is it’s own truth, is undeniable. Being swept up into its emergence says I am “of” the experience and I should not waste time and energy struggling against my relation with it. 

New CD recording release through band camp with Clinton Green and Michael McNab ‘AT THE SALT MINE‘, a location recording near Lake Crosbie, 2015.

The Wimmera/Mallee songline strengthens because of Lisa (Ballarat), Lyndal (Avoca), Ren (Rupanyup), Simon (Minyip), Anthony (Quantong), Belinda (Rainbow), Maurice (Hopetoun), Domenico (Mildura). [The term songline is borrowed from this lands original inhabitants. Its meaning within their culture is elusive to me. For me, it is like a map of experiences and feelings associated with particular locations within the landscape, the residue of which reminds and connects me to these places and spaces. I mean no disrespect in appropriating the term for my own use. It just seems to make sense to me now.]

Links to academic video material from MFA (2012-14) and PhD (2015-  ):

MFA Presentation 2012

Master of Fine Art [Contemporary Music] research performances 2014

Tanjong Malim talk November 2014

PhD candidate talk/performance July 17, 2015

PhD seminar/performance  October 27, 2015

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+ Aside from the soundcloud link above, there are some more links to audio material on the OTHER page. I have made many recordings over the years, most not being a ‘commercial enterprise’, certainly for others to listen to, and also for my own interest. I was inspired in this regard by mentor and friend David Tolley who documented everything that moves in terms of audio!